Septozyme BFB

Septozyme BFB is a biodigester septic chemical with a formulation of anaerobic biodigester bacteria and biodigester septic enzymes that are used to activate bio digester with the healthy bacteria which multiplies with time to break down and reduce the surface and bottom solid matter in biodigester septic tanks, hence giving odorless, clear and reusable upon further processing. It is also environmentally friendly and works for a long time after application.

For the case where biodigester septic final effluent is to be disposed to a soak pit beneficial bacteria also get carried over to the soaking area to reduce solids and help prevent clogging as it never stops working. Septozyme Biodigester bacteria can be used in an operational, new biodigester septic/ septic or faulty one where back flow is experienced. The package is suitable for a domestic bio digester, commercial bio digester.



  1. Reduces scum (solid on the biodigester surface)
  2. Reduces sludge (solid at the bottom of biodigester service)
  3. Maximum odor/ foul smell Elimination
  4. Never stop working
  5. Effective under wide range of conditions
  6. Can with stand toxic shock loads
  7. ELIMINATES the need to use an exhauster REGULARLY
  8. Prevents blockages and back ups
  9. Unblocks blocked system
  10. It reduces BOD and COD levels
  11. It prevents soaking area from being clogged


FOR DOMESTIC BIODIGESTER SEPTIC TANK AND SEPTIC: it should be activated by mixing them in a 20litres of warm water (37degree Celsius) for few minutes. Pour the solution into the tank at a point where normal water flow will disperse it evenly within a biodigester septic or a septic tank. The best way is to pour it to the first chamber or at the last drainage manhole.

Use 100g for 1000l tank. For the case where there is a continuous flow, dosage of 100g in 5 alternative days is recommended. As the probability of it washed away is high especially for small size biodigester septic.

FOR WASTE WATER/ SEWER WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM; With a continuous flow and hydraulic retention of less than 24hrs. The products may soak in luke warm water at 30 degree celcious for 8hrs in 1% water solution to activate the biological components and allow the bacteria to get started. Soaking period of over 10- 12hrs is recommended.

In multiple level application it is recommend to dose at the lowest level first. The point of application should be in an area which allows the product maximum time in the system.


ACCUMULATED OVER YEARS AND MONTHS; it will take sometime to take rid of them, begin the treatment with double the weekly normal dosage for a period of 3-4 weeks, after seeing a significant improvement can cut back to normal weekly dose. Severe accumulation of sludge may take one/ more years to get eliminated.


  1. Do not touch with bare hands, use gloves/ protective gear
  2. Avoid formation of dust
  3. Keep it away from children    
  4. Provide for good ventilation of the room, when handling the preparation
  5. Store the container in dry and cool place
  6. The product is harmful and it causes skin irritation
  7. Wear gloves, goggles and face mask
  8. If accidentally consumed or eye contact, rinse with clean water and see a doctor

SEPTOZYME-BFB Is stable under recommendation storage conditions for a period of 24 months
without losing it activity