We supply Biozone Enzymes and Cultures, commonly known as Biodigester Bacteria or biodigester chemicals for use in the pit and bio latrines, septic tanks, wastewater digesters & biogas digesters. These biodigester bacteria aid in the anaerobic breakdown of organic waster into water, biogas and sludge. Below is a list of some of the Enzymes and Microbial cultures (BioDigester Bacteria) that we supply.

Methanobooster BFB

Methano Booster-BFB is encapsulated Methano bacilli formulation will increase the production of methane gas in the tanks. It contains facultative and Anaerobic microbial consortia along with multi-enzyme blend.

It contains micro-organisms and enzymes that produce methane as a metabolic byproduct in anoxic conditions. They uniquely belong to the domain or archea. The biological production of methane also termed methanogenesis is generally confined to where sulfates are depleted below the top layers.

Biogas technology provides an alternate source of energy and is hailed as an archetypal appropriate technology that meets the basic need for cooking fuel in rural kenya using local resources like cattle waste and other organic wastes, energy and manure derived.

The reduction of carbon dioxide into methane in teh presence of hydrogen can be expressed as follows;

CO2 + 4H2O CH4+2H2O

Bamoyeast BFB

For compost manure
Mix into ratio 1l:5l Lukewarm water. Apply through spray gun/windrow method. Prepare a heap and keep it for 45 days for maturation, moisture needs to be maintained during the cycle. Spray bamoyeast and water once in two days to maintain the minimum moisture content of 50%-55%
Available in Packages of 5litres, 10litres, 20litres.
1.Remove bad odor.
2.Sludge volume will be reduced more, as more solids are digested.
3.The capacity of the system will be effectively increased, because more waste can be processed, more effectively in, in less time.
4.Easier to balance the treatment system.
5.Bacterial oxidation of the liquid phase will be faster and more complete.
6.Digesters will operate evenly and uniformly, easier planning and routine waste.
7.High quality fertile manure will be produced in less span of time

Areas of use
Compost manure
Garbage pit or bin
dry animal waste management
dry human waste management (pit latrine)


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