The Biozone Sewage Recycling/Treatment System (BZM-Model)

The BZM-model sewage recycling plants uses the Sequential Batch Reactor process to provide effective treatment of sewage water in various applications in scale from residential to large communities. The BZM-model sewage recycling process provides for full Carbon and Nitrogen removal and produces high quality effluent that is odor free and suitable for re-use including irrigation and toilet flushing. Due to its high quality it may also be discharged into sensitive water courses.
BZM-model sewage recycling systems use in-ground site constructed concrete chambers with ancillary equipment including aerators and pumps centrally installed and controlled in an adjacent machinery housing room.
BZM-Model sewage recycling System use a separate pre-treatment section to mechanically hold back solids and a biological aeration and settling tank.

  1. Primary Treatment:
    Wastewater enters the primary treatment chamber where solids are separated and settled and organic solids and sludge are then broken down through anaerobic digestion.

2. Aeration Reactor:
Effluent enters the Bioreactor chambers where bacteria attached to the Fixed-Film Media breaks down the waste using oxygen provided by an air blower. Aeration blowers force air into the tank and through fine bubble diffusers positioned under the media in order to provide oxygen to the bacterial population as well as mixing the tank.

3. Clarification:
The effluent then passes to the clarifier tank where sludge and suspended solids are separated from the water and settle at the bottom. The clear water is carried to the contact storage tank and the sludge is returned to the primary treatment for storage and digestion.

4. Disinfection: UV Disinfection or Chlorine dosage is introduced after which the water is utilized.

5. Storage Tank:
The treated water from the clarifier is disinfected. The final product, a clear, odorless and sanitized effluent is ready for discharge either by means of irrigation or safely to the environment.

6. Clear water extraction: The purified wastewater is now fed into a discharge system (stream, river, sea) or into an infiltration system. Afterwards, the sludge is fed back from the BZM-model sewage recycling tank into the first.


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