Domestic buildings

Domestic BuildingsDomestic Buildings

At BlueFlame Energy Solutions, we also provide various waste treatment solutions for users of domestic buildings. These solutions are geared towards managing waste in an environmentally friendly manner as well as saving on disposal and energy costs. They include the following;

B-Zone Biodigester Systems for Domestic Buildings

This is our trademark wastewater treatment plant. We have a 4000-litre design that works well in all domestic settings. All wastewater generated from domestic buildings is guided into the B-Zone biodigester system. Here it is treated and reusable water is produced. This system requires minimal maintenance and does not require emptying. That saves the user money that could have used for commercial disposal of the same waste.

Clean energy generation

We design and install biogas generation systems for domestic use. These systems use organic waste as raw materials. Organic waste is plenty in domestic settings especially as waste from the kitchen. Our system converts this waste into biogas that can be used for lighting, cooking and heating.  This saves a lot of money that could have been used to pay for the same energy from commercial sources.

Modification, upgrades and maintenance

We modify and upgrade existing domestic waste management systems into modern ones. We convert pit latrines and septic tanks into biodigesters. We also convert rubbish pits into biogas plants. We also offer maintenance services for existing waste management systems.