Institutions across all industries like schools, colleges, universities and others require effective waste management plants. This is because of the massive amounts of waste they generate on a daily basis.  At BlueFlame Energy Solutions,  provide various waste management solutions for institutions that offer countless benefits to them. Our schools for them are designed to help them keep the environment clean and save them money in lowered disposal coats as well as energy costs. They include the following;

Wastewater Treatment Plants for Institutions

Our trademark B-Zone Biodigester System is the perfect wastewater treatment plant for institutions. The B-Zone Bio-Digester System eliminates the need for frequent emptying and disposal of wastewater because it produces reusable water that does not need to be pumped out. This saves them a lot of money because of the large amount of waste they generate that requires disposal more frequently than in other settings. 

Renewable energy generation

Institutions use a lot of energy, especially for cooking and lighting. At the same time, they generate a lot of organic waste from their kitchens that require money to dispose of. As BlueFlame Energy Solutions, we eliminate the need to spend money disposing of organic waste. Instead, we use the waste to generate clean, renewable energy that saves the institutions money that could have been used to acquire the energy commercially. We achieve this by designing and installing biogas generation plants in the institutions. The biogas produced can be used to cook, light and heat cold areas.

Upgrades and maintenance

Among our services at Blueflame Energy Solutions is modification and upgrade of existing traditional latrines and septic tanks. We modify them into biodigesters that require very little maintenance that translates into savings in maintenance costs. We also convert trash pits for organic waste into biogas generation plants that generate energy for use in the institutions. We also offer maintenance services for all waste management and treatment plants that we set up.