Bio-Clean BFB


Bioclean BFB is a concentrate combination of microbiological enzymes and bacteria that effectively digest human waste and get rid of odor and flies. It has multi enzymes which helps in the faster cleavage of organic molecules further degradation with the help of endospore forming bacilli, fungal algae and actinomycetes strains provided proper nutrients supplements & moisture.
Minimal moisture needed to maintain 50-55% for faster degradation.
100gms(KSH 990/=), 250gms(KSH 2,475/=), 500gms(KSH 3,900/=), 1Kg(KSH 6,000/=)
Wholesale prices & discounts available for bulk orders
Bioclean BFB can be used in the following;

1. Pit Latrines
2. Lagoons
3. Dustbins
4. Composite pit-To decompose Farm plants remains


1. Sludge volume will be reduced more, as more solids are digested.
2. Remove bad odour.
3. The capacity of the system will be effectively increased, because more waste can be processed, more effectively in, in less time.
4. Easier to balance the treatment system.
5. Bacterial oxidation of the liquid phase will be faster and more complete.
6. Digesters will operate evenly and uniformly, easier planning and routine waste.
7. High-quality fertile manure will be produced in less span of time.


Use 1KG of Bio-Clean BFB to treat 01 MT of compost preparation
Incubation duration is 16-24hrs
Optimum temperature is 50-65°C
Take a 200litre drum and add 3/4 water into it,add 5kg jaggery and stir to dissolve properly,
then add 1KG of Bio-Clean slurry and 100gms of table salt
Agitation is required in 2 hour intervals

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg

100gms, 250gms, 500gms, 1Kg


Ksh 990, Ksh 2,475, Ksh 3,900, Ksh 6,000


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