Milk Booster-BFB


  • To improve FCR and reduce feed cost.
  • To improve body weight.
  • Breaks Anti- Nutritional Factors and makes nutrients,
  • Phosphorus available in intestine
  • Improves quality of litter.
  • Lactic Acid and acidic pH is created in the intestine.
  • Competitive inhibition and Exclusion harmful of Pathogens.
  • Good source of B-vitamins, certain digestive enzymes – Amylase,
  • Protease and Lipase for optimum digestion and absorption of feed
  • Immunostimulation by activation of at least three specific antibodies
    (IgM, IgG and IgA secretion)
  • Unfavorable atmosphere aids reduction in E.Coli Salmonella,
    Staphylococcus sp count.
  • Reduces the incidence of early chick mortality (ECM)
  • Improves Feed Conversion ratio.Due to better Enzyme activity Weight gain in Broilers is nutrients of achieved.
  • Improved Resistance to diseases. Minimizes stress due to various kinds;
    De-beaking, Vaccination and summer stress.


MILK BOOSTER-BFB contains required vitamins, Enzymes, Probiotics, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and other chelated elements in right amounts and improves productivity of the cattle. Our MILK BOOSTER-BFB, cattle milk booster specially formulated to enhance the milk giving capacity of cattle. Our experts after a extensive research on milking capacity of cattle came up with this product which contains all essential ingredients in right amounts. We are complemented as best cattle milk booster supplements manufacturers due to our product, MILK BOOSTER-BFB which is very popular for its accurate composition, purity and budget friendly price.
MILK BOOSTER-BFB is also a fat enhancer, increases the fat content in the milk. It also helps in promoting good health and immunity. It is given to cow, buffalo, calves, heifers as per the prescription of Doctor.
MILK BOOSTER- BFB is used widely for increasing milking capability of cattle. It can be treated as Cattle Feed. Enzymes are added to the feed either directly or as a premix together with vitamins, minerals and other feed additives. Milk Booster- BFB is a rational combination of enzymes fortified with valuable herbal extracts designed and developed to enhance fibre digestibility & to optimize utilization of all essential
nutrients from feed to boost up milk yield with improved fat profile. We are specialized in cattle MILK BOOSTER supplements manufacturers in India & Kenya.                                                                                                                                                             MILK BOOSTER-BFB supplements are the major product with huge demand from our clients. These are used to enhance the milk capacity of the cattle. Often feed supplements may lack of proteins, calcium, phosphorus which effects the milking capacity of cattle and raising the need of milk enhancers.
When in combination with enzymes, especially fibre degrading enzymes, the digestibility of the feed improves and the animal is able to absorb the nutrients in the feed, which is the primary source of providing calcium and phosphorus in lactating animals. It is important to note that in milking (Lactating) animals, while they are producing milk, the depletion of calcium is very high.
ADVANTAGES OF MILK BOOSTER- BFB                                                                                                                                                                Induces timely heat induction, digestion is improved.
No need of extra calcium doses.
No small diseases like fever, body ache, etc. menstruation cycle is regulated.
Generally health is improved.
MILK BOOSTER- BFB Increase in Milk up to 15 – 20 %
MILK BOOSTER- BFB Increase Diseases resistance power of cattle’s.
Shows good result in Health impact


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