The air flow capabilities of our diaphragm blowers range from 60m3/h to 200 m3/h

It operates on Ac single-phase, is equipped with high-efficient electromagnetic vibration motor.

The compressor is significantly cheaper to operate (lower power consumption) compared to compressors equipped with classic motors.

contains thermal protection, which in case of overheating above 106 °C disconnects coils

ensures that there is plenty of water movement in wastewater applications; this boosts oxygen levels in the water, allowing aerobic bacteria to decompose.

is easy to service and to maintenance

its weatherproof, robust construction it makes an ideal wastewater pump.

 it is exceptionally quiet in operation, as low as 35dB even when running continuously. 

 air pump helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the water. Providing a clean, oil-free air source


  • Waste water treatment aeration and agitation (biodigester).
  • Oxygen supply for fish tanks and ponds (aquaculture).
  • Low frequency therapeutic equipment.
  • Air bed air refilling.
  • Bubble bath.
  • Pneumatic rubber boat.
  • Ozone equipment air supply
  • Air cleaner.
  • Food and drug processing.
  • Scientific and chemical instruments.
  • dental sunction.


Also called side channel blowers, ring blower, air pump or vacuum pump.

The air flow capabilities of our blowers range from 70 to 2480 m3/h, the max vacuum pressure could reach -500mbar, and the max compress pressure could reach 600mbar, the power ranges from 0.25KW to 29KW

1. 100% oil free, Insulation class is F, Protection class is IP55.

2.Dual frequency 50HZ and 60HZ are available

3.Made of die cast aluminum ADC12.

 4.Dual usage: compressor and vacuum (suction and blow).

5.Virtually maintenance free, with sealed long-life bearings.

6.Smart design and low noise

7.ATEX explosion proof motor is available for all the blowers.

Our blowers are widely used in the following application

Waste water treatment aeration and agitation (biodigester).

Oxygen supply for fish tanks and ponds (aquaculture).


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