The fixed-dome type of biogas digester consists of the following components

Biogas plants are significant regarding the gobal energy revolution, the sustainable treatment of agricultural wastes or renewable raw materials and the establishment of a secure decentralized energy supply.

AKUT designs and plans installations for biogas production.
Industrial-sized NAWARO plants with more than 300 kWe including the suitable district heating systems.
Industrial biogas plants for anaerobic treatment of agricultural wastes , eg from the tea , sisal and flower production.

Small agricultural plants, for example “AKUT Fixed Dome” with dimensions of 16-124 m³ for small farmers in developing and emerging countries using the gas directly for cooking and lighting.
Agricultural plants, for example ”AKUT UMEME®” biogas plants providing 30 to 100 kWel for medium-sized agricultural producers in developing and emerging countries.

Installations for the anaerobic treatment of wastewater with high COD, e.g. from the dairy industry.

Rainwater treatment

…Treatment plants for polluted rainwater

Biogas Reactors

  • Plant design, financing and drawing up the contract, insurance matters
  • Development of individual site specific concepts, feasibility studies , assisting , filing building applications, planning and technical design of plants
  • Tendering and awarding of contracts, construction management and construction supervision , process and site/plant engineering , support in technical management

Research & Development, Technical reviews

  • Fermentation tests
  • Gas Yield
  • Biomass drying
  • Nutrient recovery

Electricity and heat production

  • Island operation
  • Mains parallel operation
  • Local heat networks

Fermentation residues

  • Processing and utilization
  • Treatment

Gas treatment

  • Planning and optimizing
  • Biogas filling stations


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