We supply Biozone Enzymes and Cultures, commonly known as Biodigester Bacteria or biodigester chemicals for use in the pit and bio latrines, septic tanks, wastewater digesters & biogas digesters. These biodigester bacteria aid in the anaerobic breakdown of organic waster into water, biogas and sludge. Below is a list of some of the Enzymes and Microbial cultures (BioDigester Bacteria) that we supply.

Environzyme BFB

It is a free-flowing powder that contains a concentrated source of free-flowing hydrolytic enzymes and ten strains of natural bacteria that are genetically capable of producing enzymes in Sewage treatment, wastewater treatment, Oxidation lagoons, oxidation pods, stabilization ponds and effluent stabilization pods under aerobic or anaerobic conditions. It is used for reducing BOD, COD levels as well as reducing suspended, floatable organic matter, odor and color in the effluent. Treating biodegradable organics and eliminating pathogenic organisms.


Sewage treatment bateria/
waste water treatment bacteria
oxidation lagoons bacteria
oxidation pods bacteria
stabilization pods bacteria/ enzymes
wastewater treatment bacteria
sewer sludge bacteria
sludge bacteria/ enzymes

Septozyme BFB

Septozyme BFB is a biodigester septic chemical with a formulation of anaerobic biodigester bacteria and biodigester septic enzymes that are used to activate bio digester with the healthy bacteria which multiplies with time to break down and reduce the surface and bottom solid matter in biodigester septic tanks, hence giving odorless, clear and reusable upon further processing. It is also environmentally friendly and works for a long time after application.

For the case where biodigester septic final effluent is to be disposed to a soak pit beneficial bacteria also get carried over to the soaking area to reduce solids and help prevent clogging as it never stops working. Septozyme Biodigester bacteria can be used in an operational, new biodigester septic/ septic or faulty one where back flow is experienced. The package is suitable for a domestic bio digester, commercial bio digester.



  1. Reduces scum (solid on the biodigester surface)
  2. Reduces sludge (solid at the bottom of biodigester service)
  3. Maximum odor/ foul smell Elimination
  4. Never stop working
  5. Effective under wide range of conditions
  6. Can with stand toxic shock loads
  7. ELIMINATES the need to use an exhauster REGULARLY
  8. Prevents blockages and back ups
  9. Unblocks blocked system
  10. It reduces BOD and COD levels
  11. It prevents soaking area from being clogged


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