How is Biozone Biodigester System different from other common biodigesters in the market?

Most of the common biodigesters in Kenya are small, single chamber systems with a baffle walls and have small volume capacities. This prevents the waste from being fully broken down due to minimal waste retention time. The Biozone Biodigester System has four distinct chambers and sufficient volume ensuring adequate retention time for waste digestion

Secondly, most of the common biodigesters have small inspection points (100-200 millimeters in diameter) and are therefore too small for effective inspection and maintenance. The Biozone Biodigester System has three large distinct inspection points (450 by 600 millimeters) this enables effective inspection and maintenance.


The BlueFlame Biodigester system has the following unique features that make it very effective in wastewater management.

  1. Size – The Biozone Biodigester’s size is not fixed. It is determined by the amount of waste produced at the premises in which it will be installed. The right size makes sure that the right waste retention time is achieved and this makes sure that the waste undergoes full treatment.
  2. It has four chambers – The second unique feature of the Biozone Biodigester is that it is a four-chamber system.
  3. The first chamber receives raw waste and traps all inorganic and non-biodegradable waste like plastics, sanitary pads, and baby diapers that can be removed during maintenance sessions. It also acts as a trap for fat and grease.
  4. The second chamber is airtight and is inoculated with bacteria and enzymes. This creates an optimum environment for anaerobic digestion and is the chamber in which most organic solid waste is broken down into water and gas.
  5. The third and fourth chambers provide an environment for maximum settlement of any suspended solids prior to discharge. They also enable denitrification, further reducing the ammonia in the final effluent, making it odorless. Clean water exits the fourth chamber via the outlet to the leaching lands.
  6. Large inspection points – The third unique feature of the Biozone Biodigester system is its larger inspection points. Its inspection points are 450 millimeters by 600 millimeters in area. This makes it possible to reach every point in the system and thereby makes full servicing of the system easy.
  7. Presence of well-fitted downpipes – The fourth unique feature of the Biozone biodigester is the presence of well-fitted downpipes in the system. These downpipes regulate the flow of water from one chamber to the next without passing floating or settled waste. They also minimize water turbulence in the system, thereby increasing the rate of suspension and settling of waste in the right chambers.
  8. Presence of membrane bioreactors – The fifth unique feature of the Biozone biodigester is the presence of the membrane bioreactors in the system. They are fitted between the third and fourth chambers and at the outlet in the fourth chamber. They enhance water filtration and make sure that the final effluent is over 90% solids-free.


Medium: Organic waste not containing aggressive medium, Max. Ambient Temperature: 40 C, Max. Medium Temperature: 25 C, PH:6.5 to 7.5


FLOW, M3 / DAY0.752.
TANK VOLUME M324812162430
LENGTH, mm3800280038003800480048005800
WIDTH, mm1200280028003800380048005800
HEIGHT, mm1200150020002000200020002500
Bioreactor Restrainer2222222
Fixed Media Inside243575100150200250
FLOW, M3 / DAY152530405575115150
TANK VOLUME M330486080110150250300
LENGTH, mm5800580068007800880098001180013800
WIDTH, mm4800580058006800780088001180012800
HEIGHT, mm25003000300030003000350035003500
Bioreactor Restrainer44444444
Fixed Media Inside250300400500700100015002000

The above systems is upgrade to BZN–Fix Model through installation of Fixed Film Media

Fixed-film reactors (FFR) are biological treatment processes that employ a medium of synthetic solid material that will support biomass on its surface and within its porous structure.

Fixed media ensure a more clear effluent

Length, mm300
Width, mm200
Height, mm500
CostFrom Ksh 2,500

An annual service of the BZN-Model biodigester is recommended. The Service and Maintenance involve the following activities

  1. Diagnosing the system and in identifing the problems if any.
  • Inspect the sewer drainage from the house to the system.
  • Inspect all the chambers of the system.
  • Inspect the soakage or discharge.
  • Check for blockages points in any,
  • Check for hardened scum
  • Check for backflow in the drainage.
  • Check the water levels in the system.
  • Check for animals and/or insects in the system and drainage

2. Advice the Client to procure the Enzyme and Bacteria from the service provider. The quantity required will depend on the size of the system.

  • 100gms of Septozyme BFB for up to 2000 litres at a cost of Ksh 990
  • Additional 100gms for each additional 2000 litres

3. Activities to be undertaken

  • Unblock if a blockage is traced.
  • Pump out water if necessary.
  • Pressures wash the drainage from the first manhole to the system.
  • Break the Scum and removing of Indigestible and safely dispose them.
  • For systems with films and membranes remove them and pressures wash them. Fit the back after washing
  • Check and free the pump float switches to be free from entanglement where applicable
  • Pressures wash the soakage where applicable
  • Dose of the system with the recommended Enzymes and Bacteria
  • Wipe and dust the control panels  and other appliances where applicable
  • Grease all the covers.
  • Clean of all tools and equipment
  • Neatly pack the tools equipments
  • Report on the system status by filing the job card and Indicating the services done, Client or client rep to sign


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