Commercial buildings

Commercial Buildings

Commercial BuildingsAt BlueFlame Energy Solutions, we provide various waste treatment solutions for several industries including commercial buildings and other similar premises. They include the following;

Wastewater Treatment for Commercial Buildings

B-Zone Biodigester Systems – This is our trademark wastewater treatment plant that is capable of handling large amounts of effluent. This system treats wastewater generated from commercial buildings and turns it into very reusable water and very little sludge. It eliminates the need for emptying latrines or septic tanks.

Biogas Generation

We design and construct biogas generation systems for the management of organic waste produced by users of commercial buildings.  The gas generated from these biogas plants can be used for cooking, heating or lighting. This reduces the money used to pay for commercial sources of energy besides saving users the cost of disposal of the waste used as raw material for the production of biogas. It also leaves the environment much cleaner and healthier.

Modification and upgrades

We modify existing pit latrines and/or septic tanks into biodigesters.  Most premises whose wastewater systems are not connected to government sewage network use pit latrines or septic tanks to manage their wastewater. We upgrade these latrines and septic tanks into fully functioning biodigesters. We also upgrade trash pits into biogas generation systems. Only organic waste is put in the biogas generation system. Inorganic waste is disposed of elsewhere. The organic waste is then used to generate biogas. It produces water and a little sludge as byproducts and biogas as the main product.


We offer management services for all wastewater and solid organic waste management systems. We maintain biodigester plants, biogas plants, pit latrines and septic tanks. We introduce enzymes and microbial cultures into the latrines, septic tanks, biogas systems and biodigesters to improve the breakdown of waste. We also install any required or damaged accessories or fittings especially for wastewater treatment plants and biogas systems.