[darna_heading title=”OUR SERVICES” el_class=”margin-bottom-40″]
[darna_icon_box layout_style=”style6″ icon=”flaticon-bucket8″ link=”url:%23||” title=”Waste Water Treatment Consultation” description=”We offer consultancy services for wastewater treatment. We guide clients on how best to treat wastewater generated from domestic or commercial premises. We also guide clients on how to manage the treated wastewater.”]
[darna_icon_box layout_style=”style6″ icon=”flaticon-nail3″ link=”url:%23||” title=”Maintaining and rehabilitating biogas systems” description=”We offer maintenance services for biogas systems to make sure they continue working to the satisfaction of our clients. We also rehabilitate non-working biogas systems to put them back into productivity.”]
[darna_icon_box layout_style=”style6″ icon=”flaticon-wrench44″ link=”url:%23||” title=”Plumbing Work” description=”Besides the plumbing that we do when installing our biodigester systems, we also offer general plumbing services. We offer initial and maintenance plumbing services for both domestic and commercial buildings.”]
[darna_icon_box layout_style=”style6″ icon=”flaticon-beaker4″ link=”url:%23||” title=”Application of Enzymes and microbial cultures” description=”We introduce enzymes and microbial cultures into existing biodigesters, biogas plants, septic and wastewater treatment plant. This makes that the waste is bio-digested to produce mostly water and biogas as byproducts.”]
[darna_icon_box layout_style=”style6″ icon=”flaticon-hammer38″ link=”url:%23||” title=”Modifying existing septic to waste water treatment bio digesters.” description=”We modify existing septic tanks and turn them into biodigesters. This puts an end to the recurring and expensive practice of periodically emptying the septic tank. This saves money in the long run.”]