Biogas Accessories and Fittings

Biogas Accessories and Fittings

Biogas accessoriesAt BlueFlame Energy Solutions, we supply all the biogas accessories and fittings required to fully construct, renovate or repair biogas plants. We also supply accessories and fittings for appliances that use biogas.

The main accessories and fittings that we supply can be broadly categorised as cooking burners, heaters, pressure gauges and disulfides.  Other  Biogas accessories and fittings that we supply include but are not limited to;

Gas pipes

Gas pipes connect the biogas plant to the appliances that use biogas. They are either made of galvanized steel or Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). To ensure safety and to prevent loss of gas, the piping system has to be airtight. We supply high-quality gas pipes that have lifespans of decades before they need to be replaced.

Water traps

Condensation water forms in the piping system of the biogas plant. To avoid blockage, water traps are installed in all the areas with depressions along the piping system to empty the water. We supply both automatic and manual water traps.


At BlueFlame Energy Solutions, We supply special gas-tight valves designed specifically for use in gas plants. They are used for biogas shut off and/or isolation. With shutoff valves, cleaning and maintenance work can be carried out without closing the main gas valve.

Biogas Accessories for gas analysis


Sensors in the gas space must satisfy explosion protection requirements and should be resistant to corrosion and high levels of moisture. They include;

  • Infrared sensors
  • Thermal conductivity sensors

To detect inadequate mixing and stratification, sensors for measuring moisture should be installed at various heights. They should not be installed too close to temperature stabilization equipment or in dead zones. Resistance sensors (e.g. PT 1000 or PT 100) or thermocouples are suitable for measuring the temperature. They include;

  • Electrochemical sensors
  • Paramagnetic sensors
  • Inductive and capacitive sensors