Biogas Plants

Biogas Digester

Biogas DigesterAt BlueFlame Energy Solutions, we construct biogas digester plants using two main types of materials. We either use concrete or plastic. The materials used are determined by the client’s budget and/or preferences.

A biogas digester has two main products; methane gas (biogas) and organic fertilizer.

Methane Gas (Biogas)

The gas produced by our biogas digester plants can be safely used for heating, cooking and lighting. Its use can only be limited by the amount produced. So it can be used commercially or domestically.  Since it’s generated from solid organic waste, it saves the user a lot of money and resources. To start with, it saves the user the money that could have been used to pay for waste disposal. Secondly, it saves the user the money that could have been used to pay for commercial sources of energy.  Such commercial sources of energy include LPG gas, electricity, charcoal and firewood.

Organic fertilizer

A biogas digester from BlueFlame Energy Solutions produces organic fertilizer that can be safely and profitably used for farming. This fertilizer is biologically very stable and it has the following properties;

  • Very high nutrient content
  • Very minimal pathogenic micro-organisms
  • Reduced odour
  • Easy to apply because it is in a liquid state

Biogas Digester Design

Our biogas digesters have four chambers;

  1. Feeding chamber – This chamber is the one that receives raw organic waste. It also acts as a pre-digester for the fresh organic raw material.
  2. Main digester chamber – This is where anaerobic degradation happens with the help of anaerobic bacteria. It’s also where fermentation of biodegradable materials happens.
  3. Gas storage chamber – This is where the produced gas is primarily stored
  4. Expansion chamber – Biogas stays in gaseous form under normal conditions, it cannot be compressed. So this chamber acts as an extra storage chamber for the expanded gas when it’s volume exceeds that of the storage chamber.

Feedstock for our biogas digesters

The raw materials used for the generation of biogas in our digesters include;

  • Solid leftover food
  • Vegetable waste
  • Milk products
  • Roots, tubers, peels
  • Livestock waste such as cow dung, poultry droppings, etc

Advantages of using our biogas digester plants

  • A lifespan of over 20 years
  • They are easy to install
  • The plastic ones are portable
  • They come with a five-year warranty
  • We give a free three month after sales service

Sizes of our biogas digester plants

  1. BFB – 3,000 Litres
  2. BFB – 5,000 Litres
  3. BFB – 8,000 Litres
  4. BFB – 10,000 Litres
  5. BFB – 12,000 Litres
  6. Large digesters (from BFB – 15,000 Litres and above) that are only available as per manufacturing order if they are to be made of plastic. They are mostly used by large organizations for large scale production of biogas. These organizations include factories, learning institutions, hospitals, jails, hotels etc.