People dismiss plumbing as a job option for them. This is because they perceive it dirty, tiresome and with a peanut salary. It is true that the work of a plumber is dirty and at times very tiresome. What they do not know is that it actually is fun. Without our plumbers, there is no clean water for us. Even worse, the streets would be messy and dirty. This makes them very important to society.

Meaning of  Plumber

The meaning of plumber, across all definition, is a person who specializes in installations, repairs and maintenance of pipes, fixtures, appliances, and other accessories related to water supply, sewage and drainage systems. This is done either inside or outside a building. A skilled plumber has to go through a period of training and years of experience. In some places, mostly abroad, one requires a license from the government to operate as a plumber.

The work of a plumber

The work of a plumber is to install and repair water, sewage and drainage pipes according to laid out specifications. They install things like sinks, dishwashers, toilets and water heaters. Secondly, they review blueprints and inspect structures. Moreover, they study the building plans to decide on procedures and work details. This helps avoid obstructions like electric wiring. On top of that, they prepare and write a work budget estimate.

The major work of a plumber is to maintain and repair plumbing systems. They detect and mend or replace nonfunctional pipes. Secondly, they unblock blocked drains. Thirdly, they replace faulty appliances in the likes of water heaters and valves. Moreover, they locate pipe, connections and passage holes on structures and mark them. Sometimes they cut openings to structures so as to accommodate pipes and fittings.

A typical plumber workday involves cutting and bending pipes to the required size and angle. In addition, it involves threading pipes together.  A plumber may use hands while others use machines. Some plumbers install electric appliances like tankless water heaters. On top of that, they test for leaks using water and air. They use pressure gauges this. Further, they hang steel support for pipes from the ceiling. Plumbers also provide on-site problem analysis and cost of repair.

Most importantly, the work of a plumber is to ensure that safety standards and building regulations are met. This helps protect the health and welfare of the entire nation.

The fun part is that they can work for companies, contractors or work as a freelance. Freelance requires one to build a very good reputation so as to get job offers.

Types of plumbing

In comparison to any other kind of job, a plumber can specialize in one of the following types of plumbing

Water Supply Plumber

This involves fitting pipes and fixture to facilitate the flow of water supply into and out of a structure. Water moves under high pressure. A meter is installed to measure the amount of water in cubic meter you use per month. Uses accessories like a valve to control water flow

Sanitary Plumber

All buildings from residential to commercial need proper sanitation. This, as a result, create a need for sanitary plumbing. Sanitary plumbing is the connection to the drainage systems or underground waste disposal. The work is done above grounds. It requires a plumber to have a lot of skills and knowledge. This certainly ensures the safety and good health of the people occupying the building. Sanitary plumbers are responsible for:

  • Planning the layout of the sanitation system.
  • Installing and fabricating sanitary tracks.
  • Installing waste pipes.
  • Connecting sanitary fixtures.
  • Locating and clearing drain clogs.

Gas Fitting Plumber

This field requires knowledge of handling and installation of gas appliances. Most of them are fireplaces and flues, hot water cylinders, gas hobs and heaters. Gas fitting plumbing specialist test and certify all installations to ensure safety. It is very sensitive as a mistake could result to fire and loss of properties. Worst case, people can die. For this reason, get a plumber for regular maintenance and servicing. This is important to ensure safety.

Roof Plumber

Plumber in the roof plumbing field specializes in rainwater management. They install gutters on the edge of the roof. The gutters connect to drains and pipes on the ground. They lead water into the sewers or collection tanks. As a result, this helps keep rainwater away from the building structure.

Drainage Plumber

A drain is a sewer for the disposal of waste liquid. The waste is directed to a probably more useful area or to the main waste discharge. Drainage plumbing involves design and installation parameters. They intend to ascertain fulfilment of the purpose. Plumber in this field take principles of gravity and human exposure to biological agents into account. The results help measure functionality failure. Most Importantly, it is best practice to install multiple drains.

Find a Plumber in Your Area

Plumbing is also a very competitive field. As a result, many contractors, freelance plumbers and companies have risen. Plumbers are listing their services on forums like OLX. This enables them to easily reach their clientele. Consequently, it is easy to find a plumber in your area. On the other hand, it is important that you choose a highly qualified plumber. Most importantly check for a plumbing license. This will ensure that no water damage will occur. Moreover, it will give you peace of mind that the job is done correctly.

The best in the market today is Blue Flame Energy Solutions. It is the biggest large scale enterprises in Kenya. Above all, it has a great expert with a lot of professions. As a result, they offer great services. Further, it holds the lead in dealing with plumbing and biodigesters. They specialize in plumbing, boilers installation, firefighting, drainage, among others.

The plumbing companies in Nairobi alone are hundreds. Other major towns like Nakuru, Kisumu, Mombasa also have an endless list. All of whom are just a Google search away.

Construction of new buildings is increasing. In addition, old ones need service and maintenance. As a result, plumbers are open to many job opportunities. This certainly makes plumbing a great career. In addition, it is a fairy okay source of income.


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