Grub Ban BFB


  • Quick and effective control of root grubs.
  • Induces production of new roots in infected plants.
  • Does not create resistance, resurgence and residues problem.
  • Increases yield by 10%
  • Does not affect the natural enemies and offers a long lasting pest control.
  • Forms a good molecule for use in IPM program and thereby helps to reduce the pesticide load.
  • Helps increase productivity by controlling pests.
  • 100% residue free product.


Is an effective solution for the management of white-grubs in areca nut, sugarcane, banana, cardamon, groundnut, potato, corn and turf grass.Grub Ban BFB contains infective juveniles of entomopathogenic nematodes, heterorhabditis indica, that kills the grubs very fast through its unique mechanism of action.

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