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  • To improve FCR and reduce feed cost.
  • To improve body weight.
  • Breaks Anti- Nutritional Factors and makes nutrients,
  • Phosphorus available in intestine
  • Improves quality of litter.
  • Lactic Acid and acidic pH is created in the intestine.
  • Competitive inhibition and Exclusion harmful of Pathogens.
  • Good source of B-vitamins, certain digestive enzymes – Amylase,
  • Protease and Lipase for optimum digestion and absorption of feed
  • Immunostimulation by activation of at least three specific antibodies
    (IgM, IgG and IgA secretion)
  • Unfavorable atmosphere aids reduction in E.Coli Salmonella,
    Staphylococcus sp count.
  • Reduces the incidence of early chick mortality (ECM)
  • Improves Feed Conversion ratio.Due to better Enzyme activity Weight gain in Broilers is nutrients of achieved.
  • Improved Resistance to diseases. Minimizes stress due to various kinds;
    De-beaking, Vaccination and summer stress.


Antibiotic-free feeding (ABF) programs is not only an antibiotics reduction or replacement strategy, but a comprehensive program that includes strengthening of biosecurity measures and progressive inclusion of feed additives alongside pharmaceutical components, such as such as vaccines, enzymes, acidifiers, phytogenics, probiotics and prebiotics in order to enhance immune system capacity to face challenges on the field.
Poultry (broilers, layers and Breeders), Turkey
Inclusion Rate: 300-400g/MT of Feed
Recommended during specific stress periods. Use at the rate of 200g/1000birds/day. Post antibiotic treatment for 04 consecutive days starting 24 Hours after antibiotic application. Around feed changes- For 03 consecutive days starting one day prior to feed change. During stress period recommended daily.
Probiotics and synbiotics can be delivered to flocks via feed or drinking water (soluble) application. Post-pelleting application is also possible.

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