Enzymes and Cultures

Enzymes and Microbial Cultures (BioDigester Bacteria)

At BlueFlame Energy Solutions, we supply Biozone Enzymes and Cultures, commonly known as Biodigester Bacteria or biodigester chemicals for use in the pit and bio latrines, septic tanks, wastewater digesters & biogas digesters. These biodigester bacteria aid in the anaerobic breakdown of organic waster into water, biogas and sludge. Below is a list of some of the Enzymes and Microbial cultures (BioDigester Bacteria) that we supply.

Bio-Clean BFB – An Enzyme formulation for Solid waste management

Bio-CleanSolid waste treatment has assumed great significance in today’s context, where protecting the environment is a prime concern. The main objective of the solid waste treatment is to treat the effluent before it is discharged so that the environment is not polluted.


  1. Sludge volume will be reduced more, as more solids are digested.
  2. Remove bad odour.
  3. The capacity of the system will be effectively increased, because more waste can be processed, more effectively in, in less time.
  4. Easier to balance the treatment system.
  5. Bacterial oxidation of the liquid phase will be faster and more complete.
  6. Digesters will operate evenly and uniformly, easier planning and routine waste.
  7. High-quality fertile manure will be produced in less span of time.

Envirozyme BFB – An Enzyme formulation for wastewater treatment

EnvirozymeBlueFlame Energy Solutions offers a wide range of ready to use Bio-Augmentation technology molecules for wastewater management. Which helps to improve biodegradation and in turn allow for more organic loads to be treated. This products operate under the Biozone brand One of them is Envirozyme. 


  1. Performance improvement of ETP.
  2. Stabilization of ETP in case of shock loads.
  3. Reduction in commissioning time for ETP.
  4. 90% BOD and COD reduction can be achieved.
  5. Colour reduction.
  6. Improved MLSS development.
  7. Assured results in short span of time.
  8. Safe environmental friendly.

Septozyme BFB – An Enzyme Formulation for BioDigestors

Septozyme BFBSeptozyme-BFB is a unique enzyme formulation distributed by BlueFlame Energy Solutions in Kenya under the Biozone brand. We specially selected the strains of Bacilli species which intern produces endospores upon starvation. A novel bioaugmentation technology. It helps to degrade the sludge in the digestor intern helps in getting clear water.


  1. High concentrated formula
  2. Maximum odour elimination.
  3. Effective sludge removal
  4. Prevent backups.
  5. Never stops working.
  6. Can withstand toxic shock loads.
  7. Safe environmental friendly.

Septoclean – An Organic cleaning solution for Septic tanks

Septo-Clean BFBSeptoclean-BFB is a new concept in bathroom cleaner distributed in Kenya by BlueFlame Energy Solutions under the Biozone brand. This formulation contains encapsulated endospore-forming bacilli and Enzymes.


  1. Sludge reduction.
  2. No more backups.
  3. No more flies.
  4. Effective under a wide range of conditions.
  5. Clean Septic imparts happy living.

A unique enzyme (biodigester bacteria) formulation for Methane gas production

Methano-Boosters BFBMethano Booster-BFB is encapsulated Methano bacilli formulation will increase the production of methane gas in the tanks. It contains facultative and Anaerobic microbial consortia along with multi-enzyme blend.


  1. A significant improvement in methanogenic bacterial growth.
  2. Produces enriched organic manure.
  3. Any biodegradable matter can be used as a substrate.
  4. 15-20% Increased gas production.
  5. Proper anaerobic digestion inactivates the pathogens and parasites, hence prevents water-borne infections.

The synergistic enzyme blend to replace Urea and DAP

BlueFlame Energy Solutions distributes a Nutrients blend to replace the usage of Urea and DAP in the wastewater treatment. 100% UREA AND DAP REPLACEMENT


  1. Metabolizes nutrients
  2. Boosts bacterial cell growth
  3. 100% Organic
  4. 100% Water soluble base
  5. Helps in bacterial cell growth and multiplication.