BiodigesterBiodigester – The Blueflame Biodigester System

The Blueflame biodigester system is perfect for managing your toilet and kitchen waste. It breaks down the waste into sludge, gas, and odorless water that can be used for irrigation and external cleaning. It eliminates the need for constant emptying and disposal of waste as is common with septic tanks.

The BlueFlame Biodigester has proven effective for managing waste in both domestic and commercial environments. The last test we commissioned in a government laboratory of effluent from this biodigester system indicated that the effluent is 99.9% water.

It’s Different from other common biodigesters in the market

Most of the common biodigesters in Kenya are small, single chamber systems with a maximum of one cubic meter in volume. This prevents the waste from being fully broken down due to minimal waste retention time. Their inspection points are at most 100 millimeters in diameter and are therefore too small for effective inspection and maintenance.

Unique features of the Blueflame Biodigester

The BlueFlame Biodigester system has the following unique features that make it very effective in waste management.

  1. Size – The BlueFlame Biodigester’s size is not fixed. It is determined by the amount of waste produced at the premises in which it will be installed. The right size makes sure that the right waste retention time is achieved and this makes sure that the waste undergoes full treatment.
  2. It has four chambers – The second unique feature of the BlueFlame Biodigester is that it is a four-chamber system. The first chamber receives raw waste and traps all inorganic and non-biodegradable waste like plastics, sanitary pads, and baby diapers that can be removed during maintenance sessions. It also acts as a trap for fat and grease.  The second chamber is airtight and is inoculated with biodigester bacteria. This creates an optimum environment for anaerobic digestion and is the chamber in which most organic solid waste is broken down into water and gas. The third and fourth chambers provide an environment for maximum settlement of any suspended solids prior to discharge. They also enable denitrification, further reducing the ammonia in the final effluent, making it odorless. Clean water exits the fourth chamber via the outlet to the leaching lands.
  3. Large inspection points – The third unique feature of the Blueflame Biodigester system is its larger inspection points. Its inspection points are 450 millimeters by 600 millimeters in area. This makes it possible to reach every point in the system and thereby makes full servicing of the system an easy job.
  4. Presence of well-fitted downpipes – The fourth unique feature of the Blueflame biodigester is the presence of well-fitted downpipes in the system. These downpipes regulate the flow of water from one chamber to the next without passing floating or settled waste. They also minimize water turbulence in the system, thereby increasing the rate of suspension and settling of waste in the right chambers.
  5. Presence of membrane bioreactors – The fifth unique feature of the BlueFlame biodigester is the presence of the membrane bioreactors in the system. They are fitted between the third and fourth chambers and at the outlet in the fourth chamber. They enhance water filtration and make sure that the final effluent is over 90% solids-free.