Envirozyme BFB


  1. Sludge volume will be reduced more as more solids are digested
  2. Removes bad odor
  3. Sludge will be easier to pump, process and dewater and will have less odor too
  4. The capacity of the system will be effectively increased, because more waste can be processed, more effectively in less time.
  5. Easier to balance the treatment system
  6. Bacterial oxidation of the liquid phase will be faster and more complete
  7. Digesters will operate evenly and uniformly for easier planning and routine

100gms(KSH 990/=), 250gms(KSH 2,475/=), 500gms(KSH 3,900/=), 1Kg(KSH 6,000/=)
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Aerobic bacteria not less than 50 billion colonies/g
Anaerobic bacteria not less than 50 billion colonies/g
Facultative bacteria not less than 50 billion colonies/g
Multi enzymes; 06 lakhu/g (protease, amylase, lipase etc.

ENVIROZYME -bfb is available in standard 100g, 250g, 500g and 1kg milky white, zipped standing pouch. It can also custom packed on request

Clear pouch for 100g, 250g ,500g and aluminum foil pouch for 1kg containing dry free flowing powder that contains a concentrated source of free-flowing hydrolytic enzymes and 50 strains of natural bacteria that are genetically capable of producing enzymes in a biodigester under aerobic and anaerobic condition.

For 100 cubic meter of effluent use 20ppm i.e., 2kg of enzymes per day, for 6 alternative days
dosage. From 13th day on wards weekly twice 05ppm i.e., 500g Envirozyme-BFB.
Normal preventive maintain rates are based on the following criteria
1. Minimum retention time of 5 days.
2. BOD ranges of 150000-40ppm
3. PH OF 3-12

NOTE / if the product is to be used in continuous flow waste water treatment system with hydraulic retention of less than 24 hrs. The products should be soaked in Luke warm water at 3o degree Celsius for eight hrs in 1% water solution to activate the biological components and to allow the bacteria to get a start, soaking period of over 10-12hrs is more recommended. It should be activated by mixing them in a bucket of warm water for few minutes. Pour the slurry into the system at point where normal water flow will disperse it evenly. The best way is to pour it into the middle of the pond or around the perimeter. Bad odors and sludge accumulations take months and years to build up, and it will take some time to get rid of them, begin the treatment with double weekly normal dosage for period of 3-4 weeks. After seeing a significant improvement and can cut back to normal weekly dose. Severe accumulation of sludge may take one /more years to get eliminated.

ENVIROZYME-BFB Is stable under recommendation storage conditions for a period of 24 months without losing it activity.

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100gms, 250gms, 500gms, 1Kg


Ksh 990, Ksh 2,475, Ksh 3,900, Ksh 6,000


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