Piggyzyme BFB

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1. It improves Immunity.
2. Pigs gains weight/ salable meat
3. Prevents intestinal and stomach disease
4. Adjusts intestinal micro ecology and the pH value.
5. Promote absorb nutrients like Vitamin B and others.
6. Prevents piglets from epidemic diarrhea, transmissible
7. gastroenteritis, dysentery by producing lactic acid & antibiotic substance.
8. Increases pig appetite.
9. Increases FCR ratio.


Piggyzyme- BFB is the best pig booster as it contains digestive mult-enzymes that assist in the breakdown of fibre. Since fiber takes more energy to digest instead pig utilizes same energy to gain weight also enhance the efficiency of digestion of vegetable proteins, peas, beans and soya beans. Pigs have difficulty in breaking down the complex cell structures particularly in wheat.

Piggyzyme-bfb as Probiotics consist of beneficial living cultures of bacteria such as lactobacillus, bacillus species and yeasts, that are added to the diet. their efficiency appears to be most effective in the young growing pig. Liquid diets provide the opportunity to create acid conditions by fermentation through the inclusion of certain microorganisms such as lactobacillus species prior to feeding. The establishment of the latter in the intestine, particularly in the weaned pig, helps to prevent the establishment of pathogenic bacteria hence enhancing pig immunity. Fermentation also increases the digestibility of the diet maximizing nutrient absorption.

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